Monday, December 6, 2010

Stop the Cap and Trade Energy Bailout!

Big government’s bailout mania seems to know no bounds. The mortgage bailout for irresponsible borrowers and banks…the TARP, Wall Street bailout…the auto-bailout that turned General Motors into “Government Motors” overnight…enough is enough!

Nevertheless, President Obama, joined by some of his liberal allies in Congress including Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman, and Barbara Boxer, are pushing yet another bailout…the Cap and Trade Energy Bailout.

Cap and trade creates a new multi-billion dollar “market” for trading CO2 literally out of thin air.

The winners: A handful of companies that have cut back-room deals with Obama and company that will give them a leg up in this new cap and trade system in exchange for their support.

The losers: As usual, the American taxpayers that will once again get stuck with the bill for a new big government program as they see their energy costs go up across the board.

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