Monday, December 6, 2010

Join the fight against Cap and Trade!

The fight against cap and trade and other economy-killing energy taxes is far from over. Please call your Congressmen and urge them to oppose the "American Power Act."

Here are some suggested talking points:

1. The legislation includes a "Fuels' Fee" that is in fact a $.27 per gallon of gasoline tax.

2. The bill is really just another cap and trade scheme in disguise.

3. It's a jobs killer in the industrial Midwest and across the country.

4. It creates a brand new government slush fund for Washington to spend.

5. It's an energy tax, hitting the poor and middle class the hardest.

6. It's the largest tax increase ever.

7. It will needlessly export more American jobs to China, India, and other countries.

8. It will do nothing to impact global climate temperatures.

9. The bill contains multi-billion dollar handouts for select corporations like General Electric, Duke Energy, and BP, who all support higher energy costs.

Please be polite, urge a no vote, remind the office that you will be watching their votes this November, post a comment below to tell us how it went and how your legislators plan on voting, and finally - urge your family and friends to call.

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