Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ideas for Government

Here are some things I would like to see our Government do.

Enact term limits for Congress so they cannot sit there forever and only concentrate on their personal political future. If Congress had a definite time limit in office then maybe, just maybe they would do what is right for the country instead of just what will get them further down their own political road.

Make an amendment to the Constitution for our leaders to balance our countries budget. We need to really start taking fiscal responsibility for ourselves and our country.

Our leaders need to start paying off our debt!!! When you have debt you answer to other entities, thus you no longer have complete control over your situation. That means someone has a form of control over you, you are answerable to them. Do we really want our country to have to answer to China or any of the other countries that control our debt? I do not think so.

Take away a lot of the power the Federal Government has and return it to where it belongs, which is the States. Our Federal Government is supposed to according to the Constitution go to the States and ask permission to do things, not the other way around. Government has gotten WAY to large at the Federal level. Government as a whole is involved in MANY things that they have no business in. Our wonderful (NOT) Government has succeeded in making us reliant on it. We should be reliant on ourselves, not our Government. Like the famous line from JFK's speech, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country"! Now that line says a lot, think about it.

We need to get rid of the entitlement mentality that is very prevalent in our country. Many people feel the government owes them something. The government owes us a safe and secure place to live and fair laws that will enable us to prosper. They should not be trying to control us by making us reliant on them!

We need to stand up as Americans, work hard, get involved in our government, take back the control and ensure our great nation has just as great a future as our past and our beginnings.

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