Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Big Government

This country was founded on the principals of limited governmental power, not the seemingly unlimited ways in which our government now pushes itself on us. Is our government supposed to provide food, education, welfare and health care for us, or are they supposed to provide a safe environment for us to take care of ourselves? Today a lot of people are all too happy to sit back and let the government run their lives. Is this what the government is supposed to be doing? No it is not!
We need to stop having an entitlement mentality and start taking care of and responsibility for ourselves. People today seem to think that the government owes them something, yes the government does owe us something, they owe us proper representation and a safe environment for us to work hard and to be successful ourselves. Our government does not owe us many of the things they provide today. In fact our nation would be much better off if we got rid of many programs, downsized our government and took a look at our values.

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